Betty Collins

Betty has been a principal of CSS since it’s beginning in 1989 . Administration has been her strength, strongly supported by a combination of multiple generations of hard working, western Colorado steel industry and Midwest farm family backgrounds. She gleaned a customized education as needed over those years to guide and support the company with various accounting, business development, management, human resources, communication, computers, real estate, property management certifications thru CMC.

Lillian Dahlin
VP of Operations

Lillian has been part of the management team since 2016. Prior to Custom Structural Steel, she worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Her past experience in accounting, construction and customer service has enabled us to improve internal process efficiencies and overall productivity.

John Davidson
Shop Manager

John has been with Custom Structural Steel, since 2010. As a certified welder, he brings 25 years in fabrication , production and quality control management.